29 July 2014

Cast of the Flash talks about the show and Wentworth Miller


Watch the above video in which the cast of CW's upcoming "the Flash" talks about the show and about Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold. The actors say that C.Cold is one of the bigest villains of the show and they are excited that the character will be played by Wentworth Miller. The Flash main protagonist Grant Gustin also mentioned that he is a huge Prison Break fan. READ BELOW MORE...

28 July 2014

Wentworth's picture from Details Magazine in HQ. Click to enlarge!

27 July 2014

The Disappointments Room found main actress

The "Disappointments Room" written by Wentworth Miller is getting on the big screen. It may haven't found a cast yet, but it is announced that the main protagonist ,a mother who moves her family into a beautiful old rural home with a secret room in the attic, will be portrayed by Kate Beckinsale. What is worth mentioning is that the actress have been the main star of the movies "Underworld". Wentworth was a part of Underworld 2003 being Dr. Adam Lockwood.

24 July 2014

Wentworth's former co-star Dominic Purcell says they keep in touch!

 Jordan Appugliesi of Toronto Film Scene. Actually it was published in

23 July 2014

"The Flash" producer Teases Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold

"During Friday’s THE FLASH panel at the Television Critics Association press tour, the producers announced that former PRISON BREAK star Wentworth Miller would guest star in episode 4 as Leonard Snart/Captain Cold. After the panel, THE FLASH executive producer Andrew Kreisberg talked about what Captain Cold will mean for the show, landing Miller etc."

22 July 2014

Wentworth Miller spotted via twitter

Last month there were quite a lot of references about Wentworth in twitter. Some of them managed to draw attention more than others, since in some tweets  people claimed that they met or saw the actor . Of course noone can tell if these are true but they could also be. Let's take a look to some of them.

21 July 2014

Is Wentworth back in Resident Evil ?

Wentwroth as Chris Redfield and co-star Ali Larter aka Claire Redfield

Is there a chance that Wentworth will be  back in the Resident Evil movies? It is currently updated in two big sites, IMDb and Wikipedia, that Wentworth  will appear in the 6th and last movie of the Resident Evil series "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter". READ MORE BELOW...

20 July 2014

Wentworth will guest star on new tv show "the Flash"

News are all over twitter and facebook  cause my friends it is time for Went to shine...again. This time he takes it slowly. Without the stress and the pressure of the media pushing him to to reveal details of  his personal life , he now is ready to start over. Well at least continue his work. Wentworth since the end of Resident Evil is focusing in screenwriting and writing in general (which is great but lets face it, we all need to see him act like he did back in the Prison Break times where girls were melting down and boys were empathising or looking up to the great hero Michael Scofield). He wrote the script of the movie Stoker and was also doing other stuff , writing other projects like one called "With a Friend Like Harry". Also recently it was announced that his writing project called "The Disappointments Room" is picked up by production and will be, some time in the future released in the theatres. BUT, our Wentworth was first known in the audience as an actor . He loves acting, he just had to leave for some time. He is back!

 Wentworth is back on the small screen joining a new TV show called "the Flash". And here's the big news. Went will be playing a villain.READ MORE BELOW

16 July 2014

New interview: "Wentworth Miller Wants to Be Honest With You"

Photograph by Van Sarki
Wentworth gave recenlty a new interview in which he talks about his work as a writer, coming out and more. CLICK BELOW TO READ

11 July 2014

Wentworth Miller's ‘Disappointments Room’

 Wentworth's latest script ‘Disappointments Room' is about to become a movie following Stoker's (his previous screenwriting project) successful release. READ BELOW...