24 June 2014

Wentworth Miller most updated sites

Well, now that Wentworth is no longer an actor according to his worlds and also Dominic Purcell's interview(that i will post on this blog by the end of the week, i hope) most of the sites about Wentworth's news are not updated or even considered active. Mine is one of them(actually this blog is no longer updated due to lack of time ,sorry fellows). However there are these sites -to which all Wentworth fans should be thankful for keeping us updated with Wentworth's life- that keep refreshing the news about Wentworth's projects or give us some eye candy of him. Thank you dear bloggers and administrators and thank you forum members( for searching on twitter and instagram) of :
 1) Wentology Most updated foroum about Wentworth. It provides with all information of current news. Unfortunatelly you need to become a member to follow. So, do follow please! 
2)Wentworth Miller Source Not always updated but gives the news from time to time. This is one of the best Wentworth Miller fansite since it has managed to gather hundreds of Wentworth pictures around the Net. It is the biggest Wentworth Miller video and photo collection on the internet right now! 
3)Excommunicated,The inoclastic Wentworth Miller forum It is the second biggest foroum about Wentworth with many, many news and pictures and much more many things that you can find nowhere else. Too bad lately it is not updated like it used to be but yet, it is still a big source about Wentworth Miller's profecional life-it was huge during Prison Break time. Oh, and you dont need to login! It's also for guests.
4)Wentworth Miller tumblr research ...you know one can find plenty of Wentwroth pictures!!! Not to mention the gifs. 

See ya, 
This is actually a selfie, yeah and it was taken like a month or two months ago!!!