17 August 2011



We found you some Wentworth Miller paintings/cartoons/portraits from the internet. Enjoy!

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16 August 2011


Remember one article from the Belgian magazine Humo posted HERE? Well now we have the translation of the article.

"On the monitor in front of me are the actors Karl Urban, Eric Stonestreet, James Marsden and Wentworth Miller getting their selves ready for the first take of scene 21."
 "Wentworth Miller looks tormented, walks away and mumbles: ‘I can’t do this.’ He gets pushed against the wall by Eric Stonestreet: ‘You can’t lose your shit now, Luke!’ ‘You need to calm the fuck down, okay?’ Karl Urban backs up. Thunder! Lightning! The actors are under pressure, that much is sure. But what else: there is a goddamn corpse in the bed, between blooded sheets. Everyone realizes that these scenes are the nervous beating heart of the movie: here comes the long lasting friendship at risk, here takes the unconditional trust down very fast between five friends, here gets all those kinds of suppressed feelings to the surface, from now on its everyone for themselves."
"Action! "
"In New Orleans, I didn’t manage to talk to Wentworth Miller, hopefully I’ve got more luck over here. All though I don’t have a good feeling about it: I hear from everyone that the ‘Prison Break’ star stays aloof. He is correctly and polite but there are no conversations with the crew or visitors – it’s like he won’t let go of his part for a second. One exception: the fans who, good or bad weather, are waiting for hours at the drive in of the studios till he passes by. Today there are again around fifteen fans and I decide to go and take a closer look. It’s starts raining when I walk to them, they nudge each other when they see me – ‘Alarm!’ A group of four French teenage girls (‘Nous sommes ici pour Oewentwoert!’) gets cozy under two umbrellas, two Dutch speaking cool chicks (‘James!’) are wearing a raincoat, three boys (from Utrecht, ‘HUGE fans of ‘Prison Break’ and Wentworth’) are standing under a tree. And then there is that one weird German woman of early fifty who asks me in English with a conspiratorial tune if Wentworth is ‘in ze building’. ‘No Idea’ I told her and she takes me to the trunk of her car. There are some self-made paintings on which I recognize Wentworth Miller, in drizzly pastels. ‘I vant him to sign dis. Den I can go on holiday.’ Her daughter, who is reading a magazine on the passenger seat, gives me a nervous smile. I suddenly understand why there is a sign at the inside of the studio doors saying ‘Please close the doors, there are already fans trying to get inside’. They look harmless, but you never know."
" Back in the studio building I get disappointing news: Miller prefers not to give interviews today – ‘No offense.’ ‘None taken,’ I think." 

thanks to Patricia Pin

[written by Kristoff Tilkin for the magazine Humo (July 19th 2011 nr.3698/29, pages 134-139) 
translated by Patricia Pin (I did my best to translate, my English isn’t that good so sorry for mistakes) ]


Dermot Mulroney has joined the cast of Stoker, the Fox Searchlight thriller written by former Prison Break star Wentworth Miller.

05 August 2011



Enjoy this video of  Wentworth in a very young age singing in a musical around 1988. He has such a great voice. What do you think?


The Mourning Portrait, starring Wentworth Miller, is on the cover of Diabolique Magazine. Take a look.


04 August 2011


Meeting with Wentworth Miller in Belgium 07-21-2011 (by our Member JessiWent)

"First of all I'd like to tell you that on Friday, July 15th it didn't rain. There have been rumors that Wentworth didn't show up and got out of the car because of the rain. I think he was tired and exhausted from his Shooting, so that we didn't get to see him. (I was in Belgium on that day also).
  But this experience encouraged me to get back to Belgium again, because from the day I saw Wentworth for the first time on TV my aim was to face this man one day. So on Thursday July 21st a friend of mine and I drove to Vilvoorde. After about 2 hours we arrived at the Videohouse at 2.40 p.m.Because we were standing there alone we didn't know if it was a good or bad sign. After a few minutes two girls came along, asking if we knew that today would be a bank holiday and if we would wait for Wentworth Miller. We confirmed and started a conversation. After 10 minutes two further girls came along. They seemed to be from France or Belgium. We all waited and didn't even know if Went would actually come out. When a car left the production area I ran to the car and asked for Wentworth to know if he would be on set that day. The driver said yes and there it was – our ray of hope!After a few more minutes a very nice guy came from the studio and confirmed that Wentworth was there. He told us that Wentworth was in a good temper during lunch and that he is quite confident he will get out of the car. After some time a nice belgian couple came by and the woman told us, she had been here on Tuesday but Went didn't get out of the car because of the heavy rain. While we were waiting a pedestrian came along, asking why we were standing there. The belgian woman explained to him that the movie "Loft" is made here and that we were waiting for some of the actors. 
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Promo photo of Loft "behind the scenes" with Robert Wisdom

Can you see any familiar face? Robert Wisdom from the third season of Prison Break known better as Lechero plays in Loft. What a coincidence!

Park Chan Wook & Wentworth Miller

"Nicole Kidman has been cast in a lead role for upcoming movie, “Stoker,” which will be produced by“Oldboy’s” star director, Park Chan Wook. According to the U.S.-based movie site Indiewire, Park Chan Wook’s new movie has confirmed the casting of prominent Hollywood stars, Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska, Matthew Goode, and Jacki Weaver.
The script of “Stoker” is written by Wentworth Miller, the star actor from “Prison Break,” where he played the role of Michael Scofield. He’s penned the script under the pseudonym Ted Foulke. At a film event held in Tokyo last year, Wentworth Miller expressed his admiration for Park Chan Wook, so their collaboration is something to look forward to.
Park Chan Wook’s U.S. debut film, “Stoker,” is a thriller based on a little girl that visits her mother and uncle after the death of her father. Nicole Kidman is slated to play the mother while Mia Wasikowska’s role is the little daughter."


02 August 2011



One reason we love him is because he interacts with the fans.


Alden Ehrenreich from Supernatural is attached to Stoker. The actor will portrait India's boyfriend(Mia Wasikowska), a football player.


01 August 2011



More and more names seem to be attached with this movie written by Wentworth Miller (under the pseudonym Ted Foulke). 
The cast contains:
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Mia Wasikowska
  • Matthew Goode
  • Lucas Till
  • Jackie Weaver
Although, shooting will be postponed and filming will start later than we expected.